Wanchain (WAN) Provides Blockchain Developers With More Options

Support By Big Industry Names And The Chinese Government Assures Wanchain's Future

Wanchain (WAN) – The crypto community is riddled with a lot of options in terms of digital currencies and blockchain platforms with each one seeking major breakthrough and success. There are those who have cemented their seats in the crypto universe as pioneers and symbols if revolutionary success, while others are still in the dark trying to just survive the wave.

Another relatively new altcoin in the crypto market is Wanchain (WAN). Its primary aim is to rebuild a financial platform based on a distributed structure using their blockchain technology. Cross-chain smart contracts will be a primary focus which they say will help to build a digital financial ecosystem.

At present, as of the time of writing, Wanchain has got a market value price of $ 5.72 USD and with a market cap of $ 600.93 million. The total volume traded for the last 24 hours is almost $ 11,000. It has a total supply of 210,000,000 WAN with close to 107,000 WAN in circulation. It ranks number 38 on the top altcoins list.

It gained a 20% increase the past 3 months and although it was at a little loss the past week, the gain it made is still of a significant figure and point now is still held higher than from where it started. To date, analysts still are positive and speculate that WAN will continue to go on an upward trend while experiencing slight fluctuations along the way which is just the norm.

As with any rise in market values, there is always a reason or set of reasons for that matter. Many say as it is quite obvious that due to several blockchain projects and partnerships entered into by Wanchain, word spread out and the crypto market has become aware of this new coin showing signs of progress and a profitable future. There is said to be six projects which will involve the integration of its platform into a mutual network aside from other things. Its recent partnership with Kybernetwork early this year helped in the further building of this new coin’s reputation. The agreement with Kybernetwork involved the collaborations on PeaceRelay, a three-pronged approach and of course, decentralization in exchange.

Its platform was just launched in late December of the last year 2017 and is currently running many digital applications already. Its developers are proud to say that what they offer is a secure, affordable platform with solutions for scalability. With a block time of only 5 seconds, it holds as one of the fastest on the market today. The block does not require any mining at all and therefore the need for high computing power equipment is not a primary concern. Although it is officially a side-chain for Ethereum’s platform, it has a working product and effectively functional


Wanchain Partners With Pundi X Labs

WAN continues to pursue the aim to connect blockchain networks of different entities for the purpose of exchange while Pundi X Labs uses the blockchain system of Ethereum for the processing of transactions, payments and other financial services. With WAN offering a multi-currency digital wallet to users, the platform allows assets exchange within the chain in a secured manner. The platform can also assist others with Initial Coin Offerings or ICO. While Pundi X makes use of WAN’s technology to their advantage, the deal is also of great benefit to WAN. It can now extend its market reach and grant more public access as it rides the POS (Point of Sale) system of Pundi X. This guarantees growth for the new coin’s network and wide expansion of its customer base.

Although new to the world of cryptocurrencies, Wanchain is said to have contributed a huge and significant help to the crypto community. Now, many developers have the opportunity to produce and integrate many digital applications for a decentralized ecosystem. Multiple data transfers and transactions between many different platforms is now possible.

Cryptocurency Wanchain

Wanchain Blockchain On Agriculture

WAN is not only used by individuals, private business sectors and financial institutions but by authorities and the government as well. In China, it was recently used in a system which functions to develop the agricultural sectors. The efforts to integrate digital blockchain technology to traditional agriculture is revolutionary and a breakthrough in its own right. From data tracking and monitoring to project management and supply chain efficiency and transactions, the applications seem endless.

Due to the success of its integration to China’s agricultural sector, it was said that the government is considering the platform to be used for many other projects. These circumstances send positive signals for the altcoins future and expected to affect the public’s demand. Relatively, the coin’s price would be on the rise and many experts believe it will do so at prolonged periods of duration for a long time.

Given the most recent scenarios around WAN, from a competent blockchain platform which offered a new route to developers, to its integrations and partnerships with big names in the industry as well as the extended trust of the Chinese government, it is fair to say that Wanchain is destined for success.

Surges in its market price occur occasionally as news of its latest projects and undertakings hit the crypto community. Fluctuations in market prices are common and normal not only with cryptocurrencies but fiat as well. What matters is how it regains its previous stance and reverses the directional trend in its favor. This is made possible by multiple factors such as platform development, the extent of services, marketing, partnerships and others.

Positive speculations seem to be right on track as the altcoin is on a continuous road to progress and success. The trust of many in the blockchain community as well as other sectors provides further traction to WAN in achieving its goals. For traders and investors on the hunt for that good and profitable investment opportunity, this new coin is a top candidate.


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