TRON (TRX) Justin Sun Acquiring BitTorrent a Move for Main Net?

BitTorrrent and TRON Could Be Imminent

TRON (TRX)–The news of TRON’s Justin Sun attempting to acquire BitTorrent INC. has been known for some time, after the founder filed a lawsuit in January over the agreement of a “no shop” clause. Sun had reportedly signed a letter of intent to purchase BitTorrent Inc., the company operating uTorrent, when the former was notified of other companies placing “superior” bids on the sale.

On Friday, news broke again that Sun was indeed the front-runner for the purchase, and that the sale could be imminent. While Cointelegraph reports that the purchase is not yet finalized, the news is providing a boost to TRON just days ahead of the Main Net launch. The entire industry suffered another blow this week as a falling BTC price led to market-wide downturn. TRON has benefited heavily throughout the month of May from the positive press surrounding Main Net’s launch in addition to growing investor anticipation. With the purchase of BitTorrent, Justin Sun could be signaling a potential merger with TRON’s decentralized network.

What implications could a BitTorrent acquisition hold for TRON, particularly with the release of the highly anticipated Main Net occurring at the end of the month?

TRON TRX + Torrenting

It’s entirely possible that Justin Sun is going after BitTorrent as a separate business venture from his handling of TRON. However, given the high amount of crossover between torrenting and cryptocurrency, a merger of the two is more likely. Torrenting, the act of person to person file sharing across the globe, is seen by many as the precursor to the decentralized web ethos that enthusiasts in the crypto space embrace. Decentralization, the idea that no central power should hold access to or control over information/technology/etc, has been the focal point for the cryptocurrency movement, particularly as an argument against government fiat.

TRON is different from other industry leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, etc., in that the currency is developing a platform on which other applications can function. A similar comparison would be Ethereum, which is leveraging its smart contract feature to garner even more developer commitment than Bitcoin on websites like GitHub. TRON’s network serves as a host for the native currency TRX, but the goal for Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation all along has been on re-inventing the digital landscape of entertainment. Most have taken this as an affirmation to “disrupt” entertainment, using cryptocurrency as the focal technology. Instead, TRON is looking to build a platform for widespread use, remaking the landscape of entertainment (film, music, gaming, and all other forms of media) through a grassroots approach that utilizes the modernity of cryptocurrency and the internet age.

Most existing models of entertainment, even in the era of the internet, are still deeply rooted in a pre-digital framework. One of the most egregious examples is the use of online advertisement as a revenue model. Most users have grown accustomed to not paying for sources of information, and the far reach of the internet actively suppresses outlets seeking to charge for their content by way of competition. Instead, we are forced to suffer through monotonous and invasive forms of advertisement.


TRON could be one of the first platforms to step outside such a model. Developers and content-creators could play around with a method of pay-as-you-go: rather than paying for a subscription, users could only pay for the content they consume, and in minuscule amounts by utilizing the instant and free transactions of TRX. TRON’s network could also create an omnipresent reward system, where users accumulate TRX for essentially using the network, and are then free to distribute the currency on their chosen outlet of entertainment.

BitTorrent and TRON’s Main Net

The possibilities increase with the introduction of Torrents. While torrents exist in the legal greywater of the internet (much in the same way cryptocurrency has developed a divide in moral and legal support), it could be one of the first great applications to be implemented on TRON’s network. Not only does Justin Sun gain control over one of the world’s most popular torrenting outlets, uTorrent, but he also drives an immense amount of exposure and utility to TRON’s Main Net from the get-go.

Such a move would also send a message to investors, the general public, and tech enthusiasts over the type of space TRON’s network is hoping to become: a source of sharing, collaboration and, most importantly, lack of centralization.


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