Will Tron’s (TRX) Value Survive The MainNet Launch?

The current TRON MainNet launch countdown on the Tron (TRX) Website reads 3 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes. This is the time left till the much anticipated blockchain project of the year releases its Javascript based platform. The question on the lips of every TRX HODLers is whether the token will maintain its momentum past the 31st of May in terms of making gains in the market.

During the last major event of Tron on March 31st (TestNet launch), the token experienced a major dip in terms of its price. On Thursday, May 29th, TRX was valued at $0.048. By April 1st, the token was valued at $0.033: a drop of 31.25%.

April 5th found TRX trading at $0.030.

Also to note is that during this time period back in April, there was a general decline in the crypto-market similar to the one we are experiencing right now. During that period, we saw Bitcoin (BTC) decline from levels above $8,000 to new lows of $6,570.

The same trend might happen as MainNet is launched on Thursday. However, Tron (TRX) might weather the storm that might be initiated by a weak bitcoin this coming week. The TRX project has a bunch of activities lined up for the month of June that will surely keep the token, and later coin, in a favorable position in the crypto market.

To begin with, is the token migration that begins on the 21st of June. The TRX foundation has also issued a TRX Airdrop to popularized not only the MainNet release on the 31st of May, but the token migration on the 21st of June. On top of this, is the launch of the Genesis block on the 25th of June followed by the TRON Super Representative Elections the day after.


Therefore, it is with the above events that it is safe to claim that history will not repeat itself for TRX in the crypto market once MainNet is launched. The token will most likely continue to gain and leading up to the Super Representative elections on the 26th of June.

Current market analysis puts TRX on the number 9 spot according to The token is currently trading at $0.0725 at the moment of writing this and up 0.11% in 24 hours. This is quite impressive in the sense that the rest of the market is in the red. Bitcoin (BTC) is down 2.62% and currently trading at $7,350. Ethereum (ETH) has had better days and is currently trading at $578. Ripple (XRP) is at the mercy of the market as it struggles to stay above 60 cents.

It is with such constant decline that it is not suprising that the U.S Department of Justice is looking into Bitcoin (BTC) manipulation.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.

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