TRON Garnering More Good Will Through AirDrop

Growing Excitement Ahead of Main Net Launch

TRON (TRX)–Just a week  ahead of the Main Net launch scheduled on May 31st, TRON has continued to build coverage and investor interest through a free airdrop of TRX.

Labeled by founder Justin Sun as “TRX candies,” the airdrop constitutes a small number of coins designed to rally the TRON user-base into spreading the word about Main Net’s launch.

Small Payout, Large Marketing Gains

You may not find the TRX airdrop significant. In effect, the amount of coins being given away is minuscule at best, totaling less than half a dollar for each user. But it’s the message behind the giveaway, in addition to the attention it draws to TRON ahead of the pivotal launch of Main Net. There are a lot of people still standing on the sideline of cryptocurrency, waiting for the turbulence to die down. These are young people and millennials just getting into the market. It’s old money that still doesn’t understand crypto and is going with the general advice of Wall Street (see Warren Buffett’s damaging remarks). They hear about the massive gains, the massive speculation and opportunity, but don’t understand the technology enough to dive in. And then there’s the average individual, looking to get in on the action of cryptocurrency, but unwilling–at the moment–to go through the hoops of registering on an exchange.

TRON has given everyone the opportunity to own a small piece of cryptocurrency, risk and cost free, and to thereby begin participating in the industry. A handful of TRX is never going to make someone rich, but the sentiment behind the action should still be appreciated by the industry. A majority of the air drop recipients are likely previous crypto-holders, particularly due to the requirement of having an Ethereum wallet address, but TRON found a way to divert their profit over the past nine months to help both the growth of their currency and the entire industry. Everyone is shouting about further adoption, but very few currencies or community bases are taking the steps to reach more investors. Crypto works best when its use is widespread and ubiquitous. If you can walk into Starbucks and buy your drink with crypto, then hop an Uber downtown with the same currency, the industry is reaching its potential.

TRON is not necessarily looking to be another mercantile-based coin, but it does help to put more TRX in a greater variety of hands. TRON’s network is in need of developing and building from the ground up. The Main Net launch is only one of the early steps for TRON: the greatest amount of growth comes through user-driven development and innovation. Even a handful of TRX, while monetarily insignificant, gives more users a vested interest in the growth of Main Net. If TRON’s network implements a pay-as-you-go feature for streaming content, there are now thousands of new users who have a couple TRX laying around to contribute. That’s significant.

Sun, TRON Foundation Being Proactive

Some TRON investors have voiced their displeasure over the airdrop as another method of distracting marketing. This brand of investor would rather the technology speak for itself, and see ploys like the current giveaway and the previous Ethereum airdrop as empty, hype-based marketing that takes away from the Main Net Launch. However, these dissenters miss the point that cryptocurrency is still a growing market, and that most people, especially outside the industry and small enthusiast circles, have no idea what TRON is or how Main Net will impact the currency.


News like the recent airdrop grab headlines. They keep TRON relevant and at the forefront of investor intrigue. At the very least, Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation are taking a proactive approach to growing their brand. The industry of cryptocurrency is littered with abandoned projects and shell currencies that give little to their investment base by way of updates or exciting news. TRON is taking the opposite approach.


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