TRON (TRX) The Inside Scoop on Looming Main Net Launch

Tron and Apple

TRON (TRX) – It has been reported that BitTorrent is currently in the process of being acquired by TRON founder Justin Sun. BitTorrent Inc is a leading software company and an operator of torrent client uTorrent – which is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client owned and developed by BitTorrent, Inc. The acquisition of BitTorrent by Tron will certainly lead to bigger news.

BitTorrent Inc. has gone downhill in recent years due to questionable management practices – among other things. Sun began pursuing the acquisition of BitTorrent Inc.’s assets in September last year . In January of this year, both parties finalized a letter of intent for the acquisition, of which Sun returned a a signed copy.

Collaboration between cryptocurrencies and existing technology will allow for quicker quicker adoption by the mainstream. Acquiring BitTorrent Inc. will require a ton of capital, something which may not be too big of a problem for Sun, but it is evident that things will not evolve in a positive direction unless both industries find ways to collaborate and decentralize services.

The past week has seen a downtrend for the cryptocurrency market. However, TRON (TRX) has managed to trade relatively strong when compared to the behavior of other coins. Not only has TRX been able to avoid selling pressure, but it has maintained its position while holding a 50-day moving average. While numerous other cryptocurrencies continue to plunge trading below their 20/50 and 200DMA’s, TRX finds itself in a better position as it is currently ranked #9 on CoinMarketCap.

Tron (TRX) Main Net Launch; image source; medium.com

Main Net Launch

The Tron Main Net launch is going to be live in 3 days. Tron will then become independent form Ethereum’s blockchain and go on its own. This platform will allow developers to create decentralized applications. Transaction times will become shorts and fees will become quicker. As Tron leaves behind Ethereum and the ERC-20 blockchain, possibilities will expand. With Tron’s new main net launch, one penny will be enough USD to get you two hundred thousand transactions as transactions will cost 0.00005 per one. This feature is attractive as Bitcoin and Ethereum currently transact for $1-$5.


Big News w/ Apple

TRON (TRX) has made a recent announcement introducing its work with Apple. (Yes, the tech giant, Apple, one of the biggest companies in the world.) Apple has added TRON (TRX) to its stock app – meaning any iOS user around the world can read info on TRX among other things. Justin Sun confirmed the deal on Twitter when he tweeted:

“Apple has officially included $TRX pricing! Just add TRX-USD to your Stocks app. 1B @Apple users around the “world” will be able to keep on top of #TRX market info. Come grow with us!  #TRON

Steve Wozniak, the Co-founder of Apple, earlier in May stated how he believes the blockchain technology to be a major IT Revolution. The community believes that this will definitely boost up their stocks with investors being better aware of the market fluctuations before investing.

This addition will help TRON tremendously as Apple is one of the best players in the tech world today. The app has also added TRX pairings with EUR, JPY, and GBP, while XRP will benefit from pairings with GBP, USD, INR, CAD, BTC, EUR, AUD, and ETH.

Wiki x Tron

The TRON foundation has also stated that they will use Wiki, the internet’s form of the Encyclopedia, to record all of TRON’s advances and developments as it is a perfect place for those who wish to find information on any specific subject. The info regarding TRON will include blockchain data and will be easily acquirable and available to everyone. The wiki will have insight on wallets/token holders, blockchain, explores, future events, underlying protocols, etc. The data will be delivered in real time and will include all the newest network updates. Users will be able to participate in the creation of Wiki Library. This is possible through the use of documentation tool that can be found on Crowdin and GitHub.The TRON Foundation has been transparent to all its holders as they continue to keep the community updates on all new projects and partnerships.

Tron has entered a partnership with vSport ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Russia – confirmed by Dutch footballer, Wesley Sneijder, who welcomed Tron to vSport. Justin Sun tweeted: “Very excited for the #TRON + vSport partnership, a powerful alliance to leverage blockchain technology for solving issues in the soccer& sports industry. Sports fans: Get ready for a major user experience reboot!”

Qiang Bai, co-founder of vSport, has expressed his optimism about the partnership saying that the collaboration will help to reward contributors in the sport industry. They intend to use the capabilities of both parties to build a healthy ecosystem for sports and soccer. 


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