Dash (DASH) On The Uptrend

Can Dash Be One Of The Top Cryptocurrencies In The Market?

Dash (DASH) – A festive mood is ablaze in the crypto community as we see a majority of the currencies trading in green with the highest gains going up as much as 30%. Cryptocurrency Dash (DASH) is on board the good news vessel.

Since its launch date, Dash has managed to become popular fast and has become a favorite with many in the crypto community. Arguably one of the most secured blockchain platforms in the market, many investors and traders prefer Dash due to its cross-border transaction features. Its platform runs on a self-governing protocol by which its number of users actually is the deciding factor as to what the value of the coin will be. Analysts say that 2018 will be a great year for the crypto community as the growth of most altcoins is most probably set to happen. They also stated that Dash is future proof and ready for the days to come as it has already integrated numerous improvements to its blockchain platform compared to many other digital currencies. This would be of great importance in the highly volatile and competitive world of trading and investment particularly with that of cryptocurrencies.

Dash was officially launched in January 2014 under a different name Xcoin which was then changed to Darkcoin. Many negative sentiments arose as Darkcoin somehow seemed relevant to the Dark Web which is notorious for illegal activities which prompted the name change. It belongs to a sub-group of cryptocurrencies known as privacy tokens which include Monero and Zcash. Arguably, these coins offer better security, privacy, cost and efficiency in general as compared to other coins in the market.

The rise of Dash in the last 24h
Dash price chart source coinmarketcap.com

The Many Features Of Dash Make It A Prime Choice For Investment And Trade

Aside from its secure platform and other features which make Dash a prime choice of many traders, it also boasts of its lightning speed transactions. Regardless of location and borders, transaction types and others, the altcoin delivers fast and secure dealings to its clients. This makes it one of the best altcoin alternative in the market. On average, it only takes 4 seconds for a transaction to be confirmed using the InstaSend feature; a big difference when one has to wait for minutes or hours for a blockchain transaction to be confirmed. Transparency is also another feature or factor integrated with DashPay that further adds to the stability Dash has to offer.

Dash also has a unique interface which makes it able to process transactions off-line. By bridging the gap between the online and offline platforms, it has introduced a new ball game to the crypto market community.


Dash 10% Block Rewards Gives  It a Upper Hand On Platform Developments

Its self-governing platform also makes it accessible for its users to have knowledge and sentiments on what types of developments are to be done to the system. The block rewards at 10% the value of a transaction that is allotted for the further development of the platform. This gives it a big advantage against other altcoins as it has funds for continuous development.

With more than 4500 servers all over the world, this altcoin offers one of the most secured platforms possible at the moment. The gravity in the number of its servers allows users to process transactions anytime, anywhere and very fast.

Key features of Dash

Dash Predictions For 2018 and Beyond

As for predictions made by analysts and experts in the crypto community, despite the recent downtrends and bearish runs, they say Dash will do well this year. They speculate that a market value price of around $ 1,200 USD to $ 1,500 USD is highly probable and would probably happen by the fourth quarter of this year. On the more longer time scale, many experts agree that a $ 5,200 USD market price is probably in 5 years time.

A general rule not just in trade or investment but in business as a whole is, “Buy low, sell high.”. Those who follow this rule are the ones who usually make it to the world’s million list or even billionaires. Those who take the risks gets to harvest the fruits of their actions. Of course, most of them are experienced traders and investors which has done many research and studies to back their investment choice making it as “calculated risks”. If their calculations are right, then the profits are truly rewarding. Those who take risks based on luck and hunches alone usually end up losing with some very few instances of wins. It’s fair to say that seasoned traders and investors in cryptocurrencies place their card on Dash for many good reasons.

The crypto community is quite strong in its sentiments when they say that Dash may perhaps become one of the top crypto coins in the market due to its feature-packed platform. Die-hard supporters of this famous privacy coin are also quick to claim and confident that Dash will definitely be the world’s top digital currency. This they say is made possible due to the blockchain rewards which guarantee its constant platform development. The world of digital currency or the crypto market is still at a young stage and constantly evolving. This is why it is highly volatile and most times filled with uncertainty at present times. It is therefore important for a blockchain platform to have continuous updates and developments along the way as it is the only means a platform can hope to cope up with the rapid changes in technology. Dash offers this important factor to the market and it is why it is highly preferred by many.


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