NEO (NEO) Surprising Emergence and its Growth in Value and Popularity

NEO (NEO) – Recent events in the cryptocurrency market have shown that NEO is gradually pulling weight on all corners. NeoExchange has already issued out a statement that all crypto space should be alert and ready for its outcome. This was made known at the recently concluded economy Expo that took place on the 4h of May in Belgium. The main goal of the expo was to provide a platform and an enabling environment that can help European currency regulators draft out the most ideal laws for trading in cryprocurrency. If this move is to be taken serious, it means the NEO brand of cryptocurency may be having a stronger hold in the market.

At the end of the Expo, there were educational events that were mainly focused on executive and legislative bodies. Four main projects were featured at the expo, which included Moonlight, Ontology, city of Zion, and Neo Exchange   (NEO, NEX).

NewEconolabs lends its support to NEO

For those who are not quite familiar with NewEcolabs, these are groups of Chinese software developers who provide support to NEO. It recently released a statement of its launching of 2 latest applications – NEO light wallet and NEO blockchain explorer. This is in line with the developers’ desire to build a strong network of applications that can stay strong and compete favorably with other cryptocurrency market players. And it seems that decision to launch two applications is paying off already. There has been recent increase in the number of NEO investors and its value has been steady for quite a while.

This NewEconoLabs blockchain gives details of the number of blockchain wallets created, as well as total transactions, and the latest blocks. NewEconolabs didn’t waste any time to make it available to all. It’s ready and available at MainNet and Testnet, which are accessible in both Chinese and English.

At the recently concluded Expo, NewEconolabs explained that this newly launched app will be integrated into the NNS (NEO Name Service) in the nearest future.

A New Dawn – Launch of the cryptocurrency game

During its general meeting in Seoul on the 13th of April, Zeepin launched the crypto galaxy game. This game is a unique one which gives players the chance to mine for minerals from purchased planets in the game. The mined minerals can then be used to exchange for GALA. These are all measures taken by NEO’s NewEconolabs to make sure that the cryptocurrency continues to make headways in the market.


February and March were quite busy for NEO

NEO hosted about 28 events between February and March. These events were followed by other events in April, including workshops and meet-ups that hosted so many dignitaries in the cryptocurrency market. Among those in attendance in the April’s workshop in Zurich include speakers from Alchemint, nOS, PikcioChain, Valid, and Qlink.

Status and current price of NEO

The market is currently been swayed by bulls, and not surprisingly, NEO is not left out. Its present price of $83 is certainly the highest it has traded for over a month.  There are strong indications that NEO is likely going to pull more weight as economic indications and investors’ activities are waxing very strong. As it stands, NEO has a market capitalization of $5.3 billion US dollars, which makes it the 10th largest cryptocurrency.

The continuous growth of the NEO cryptocurrency has surprised everyone. In fact, there are not many coins that have been able to match the massive growth rate the NEO coin has received over the past weeks. Investors have linked this positive development to the outcome of the Amsterdam mega start and meet-up at Tokyo in April. Its recent surge was also influenced by lots of intertwined events that turned to the favor of the ever popular NEO cryptocurrency.   After all these events have been concluded and we have left them behind, it’s expected that the price surge will pause and NEO may bounce back to its previous $65 level.

What factors can help the coin stay up?

While it’s true that NEO may find it very difficult to remain in this level, there are strong indications it has a bright future. All indices are indicating a strong level of playing field for the coin. Moreover, its developers and investors are not resting to make sure the cryptocurrency maintains its reputation and high value.  At the current value, any downward movement will not be for a long time. It seems the coin is destined to bounce back immediately even if there is a slight shake up of the current price. And investors are very confident at the moment.

One of the reasons behind this strong level of confidence is the indices in favor of NEO. First, the Gas distribution incentive promised to NEO investors. This is a good way to keep them. It will definitely increase the interest in NEO as many holders will want to hold on for a much longer time. They will also love to acquire more.  Another good reason is the excellent platform NEO has. The performance of tokens and dApps are seen as one of the best in recent times. NEO also has a long list of projects that will surely get investors and the coin holders more interested. They are bringing out strong expectations and curiosity from their investors. As it stands, many would love to hold on to the coins to share into the future expectations for higher value and returns

The cryptocurrency NEO
NEO the future

NEO may become a Leader in the Industry

Market volatility has shown that no coin will be able to remain stable for a very long time despite any positive vibe around it. But the number of circumstances surrounding NEO makes people want to put trust in its value stability. Whether it can maintain such high value for a long time remains to be seen. But if there is anything that’s certain, it’s the fact that NEO cryptocurrency is gradually warming up to the hearts of many investors. If the upward trend continues for NEO, there is no doubt that there will be massive influx of investment from the movers and shakers of the industry.


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