What to Expect from TRON (TRX) Main Net Launch

A New Era for TRON

TRON (TRX)–Thursday, May 31st (12 AM UTC) marked the official launch of TRON’s Main Net beta, the highly anticipated deviation of the currency’s blockchain from its Ethereum roots. With Main Net, TRON is finally in position to capitalize on the coin’s targeted goal of disrupting the entertainment industry, by first establishing a platform on which decentralized content, in conjunction with cryptocurrency, can thrive.

While the success of Main Net’s launch may not be reflected in the immediate pricing (TRX is down nearly 5% since yesterday), the beta’s release is a momentous shift for TRON and the network’s users. Crypto investors function like an early twentieth century stock market: very few are interested in playing the long game and only wish to participate in the roller coaster ride of market manipulation. Rather than having a price that reflects the potential and success of TRON’s new Main Net, investors are instead implementing a classic example of buy the rumor, sell the news. Anticipate TRON having a sharp bounce from the current falling price level, as day-traders look to ride the low as long as possible before buying back in.

With that said, TRON’s Main Net positions TRX for continued dominance in the top ten of market capitalization, with a potential top five spot looming before year’s end. For the very reason that Bitcoin’s price has stalled since the end of last year, TRON has a chance to further disrupt the market and industry, particularly for investors who understand what the currency is ultimately going to accomplish.

A Solution for Scale

TRON has done away with the slow transaction times and exorbitant fees plaguing the original cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin has hope on the horizon in the form of lightning network, TRON’s Main Net has provided an immediate solution to the usability of TRX. TRON is not planning to wait for crippling transaction times and fees to stifle the innovation of TRX development. Instead, the currency has prioritized scale, even in the absence of current network loads, as a way to future-proof TRON and give the technology legs. Compared to BTC’s average transaction per second (tps) of 7, TRX is boasting 10,000 tps on Main Net. In addition, the fee for sending TRX is negligible and essentially free at this point. The cost of one transaction on TRON is 0.00001 TRX, or less than a millionth of a dollar. Put another way, a single TRX purchased today for around five cents could give a user a lifetime worth of TRX transactions.

In addition to scale, the negligible fees of sending and receiving TRX opens the door for broader innovation, particularly in the form of throwaway or micro transactions. Due to the limitations of traditional debit/ACH payment systems (even paypal suffers from pre-digital limitations), the world has yet to experience a fully functional micropayment system: a platform where freedom of content production, distribution and compensation is entirely up to the preference of the users and creators. We may find that very few people are willing to participate in a pay-as-you-go system, and would instead prefer the common model of a monthly or yearly subscription (most people would rather keep their $10.99 for Netflix as opposed to feeling nickel and dimed over every episode watched). But with TRON, the option exists. Cryptocurrency is building a new frontier of innovation. The excitement surrounding blockchain and potential crypto implementation is not in the ideas we can currently imagine, but those that have yet to be created. Just because today’s internet model, heavily reliant upon invasive pop-ups and gatekeeper advertisers, is a carry-over from past institutions, does not mean that the same will exist in perpetuity.

Developers drive innovation. But mainstream is what makes adoption reach critical mass. While TRON, and all of cryptocurrency, is relatively niche compared to the vogue surrounding smartphone apps and Silicon Valley, the TRON Foundation is building the tools to generate widespread dissemination. If we look at models of disruption in the past–from the internet, to 3D printers and the rise of ride sharing applications like Uber–usability that favored the mainstream signaled the shift in adoption. TRON is purposefully making the barriers of TRX development low in order to spur the greatest interest. They have carefully targeted builders to flesh out Main Net with incentive programs like Project Genesis, a $2 billion USD payout to drive creativity and intrigue towards TRX.


Most cryptocurrency suffers from a lack of rational price movement. Economists have argued for centuries over whether markets behave rationally, or rather reflect the irrational attitude of their underlying human component. Because TRX pricing is in decline does not indicate that Main Net was a failure, it just reveals the myopic nature of crypto-based trading. TRON is likely years out from scratching its potential as a platform, but Thursday’s launch will be looked upon as an early turning point for the technology.


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