The Exciting Story of Qtum (QTUM) Defining the Blockchain

Qtum (QTUM) – The cryptocurrency market has been a turbulent and a very lucrative undergoing to many investors. Although the market has been improving, there are still doubts over the stability of the market as investors are a bit skeptical to hold on to their investments.   QTIUM is one of the cryptocurrencies that have remained relatively steady despite the condition of the market. Bitcoin has not really improved or depreciated noticeably during the turbulent weeks. But while some coins have been greatly affected, others have remained stable. QTUM cryptocurrency is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market. As the BTC goes close to its resistance level, experts believe that a breakout is on the horizon. Etherum on the other hand has remained in a green position, even though the gains are not substantial.

A brief History

QTUM was established in 2013 with the hope of raising funds for trades in the cryptocurrency market. The developers had an initial issue of $100 million before the mainnet launch. The token works similarly too Etherum, and its value was obtained from the general demand for using the platform.

The platform frame of QTUM is a unique one, in the sense that there are no limitations on the number of tokens to use.  Although the coin has been supplied massively, it still hasn’t kept the price of the coin down. It’s still doing relatively well, unlike some other tokens that with more supply than demand. This means that investors  find the coin attractive, even when it cannot be compared to some other popular coins in terms of the technology and convenience. QTUM has outperformed many other Altcoins in the market, and it is still maintaining relatively good projections despite the market setbacks. What is more important is the recent upsurge and it’s expected to continue this way.

Impact of the activities of QTUM developers on its value

When a coin is not performing as expected, it’s the duty of the developers to do something to bring it back on track. Has the founder done enough to keep the coin at the optimum performance? This is where investors have had diverging views. While some investors and expert analysts feel the developers need to do more, some believe that market sentiment is more responsible for the slow performance of the coin. On his own part, Patrick Dai, QTUM’s founder, has announced future plans for the coin.  It’s evident that developers who are more active on social media will give the investors the confidence they need to hold on to the coin. If investors are lacking confidence on an investment, it may lead to massive sell off, which may not be good for the cryptocurrency.

He informed the public that they are trying to develop the best technological system for the cryptocurrency to reposition it for more sustainability. However, he didn’t quite explain how they plan on achieving that, which is where the skeptical investors are worried about. But if the right technological approach is taken, it will definitely increase the popularity of the coin. And of course, the more popular a coin becomes the higher the potential value.

QTUM is mainly traded on the Chinese exchange knows as LBank. The exchange trades about 34% of the total volume of the coin, which is larger than any volume traded by any other exchange provider.  Interestingly, the coin has been traded heavily by South Koreans within the past few years, with Upbit and Bithumb trading the largest share. With market capitalization placed at $1.2 billion and total daily volume trades valued at $165 million, the coin is increasingly gaining momentum. Investors will be glad if this progress continues until the end of the year. Some of them would want to cash out at the end of the year and take a critical review of their future investment options.

Comparing QTUM’s market cap with the total cryptocurrency market capitalization that has remained stagnant, this coin is really doing well. Other altcoins are not doing really well either. In fact, Omiscego and QTUM are among the best performing altcoins as they made a gains. But this is not a straight indication that the QTUM coin will keep improving over the next few years. The improvement will depend largely on the activities of the developers and how they can convince investors to hold on to their investment.


Future outlook

With the QTUM platform, investors and users will not have the slightest challenge when setting on their own blockchain.  It provides a user friendly application with plug and play features.

The QTUM coin is a very steady cryptocurrency with lots of expectations for further rise in value.   The network effect of the QTUM platform is an interesting one. Its decentralized application and functionality provides more nodes and a bigger mining network. Although the tiny blocks the platform offers make transactions expensive and increasingly rare, the main benefit of the coin is in its scalability.

The technological platform is one of the best in the market.  Developers have already begun plans to make the platform one of the safest and convenient ways to trade on Cryptocurrency market.  But it’s main benefit is the versatility. It addresses the limitation and scalability issues in Bitcoin.

Although bitcoin is still the largest coin in the cryptocurrency market because of its share trading volume and popularity, some other coins are coming behind on a speedy scale. One of those coins is the QTUM. It’s still at its early stages, there are strong indications that the coin will continue to wax stronger and stay popular for investors to gain profits.   Prospective investors are advised to consider all their options and find out which one works for them. As for QTUM, it has a great potential of becoming one of the top five cryptocurrencies in the world.


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