TRON (TRX) Founder Justin Sun Finalizes Purchase of BitTorrent

Torrents coming to Main Net?

TRON (TRX)–Justin Sun, the charismatic and at times polarizing founder of TRON, has finalized his purchase of popular torrenting company BitTorrent. While initial news of the purchase dates all the way back to the beginning of the year, the path to closing the deal was tumultuous, with Sun at one point opening a lawsuit against the torrenting parent company over allegations  of foul play.

It remains to be seen how the purchase of BitTorrent will impact TRON. There is a possibility that Sun is using his wealth and influence raised through cryptocurrency to pivot to other ventures, with torrenting being his natural outlet. It’s also possible that he intends to oversee both projects, albeit having more direct influence over BitTorrent (as opposed to the decentralized currency TRX). More than likely, however, the purchase of BitTorrent is preceding a merger of the two services, or at least providing significant opportunity for crossover between the platform-based currency TRON and the world’s largest peer to peer file sharing service.

What BitTorrent Could mean for TRON

Without an official announcement by the TRON team, any connection between TRON and BitTorrent outside of sharing a figurehead amounts to speculation. However, there is evidence to believe that Sun will use his new acquisition to improve the TRX brand.

  1. TRON’s network is building a platform for decentralized content. Sun has been vocal from the beginning that TRX is not aiming to be another tired iteration of Bitcoin, but transcend the transactionary limitation of crypto to create an entertainment platform. TRX could form the backbone of a crypto-based torrenting client, powered via BitTorrent. Or, torrenting and file-sharing could become one of the early uses for TRON withthe  launch of Main Net last month.
  2. Increased exposure for TRON and Main Net. While the launch of Main Net and the public TRX blockchain was a resounding success at the end of May, TRX has failed to experience any appreciation in value following the positive application. This trend in lack-of-price movement has become standard in the investment space of cryptocurrency. TRON has found other avenues for generating press and interest in the currency, with the most impactful being Project Genesis. The TRON Foundation is incentivizing Main Net development and bounty programs the creation of a 2 billion USD fund. A merger with BitTorrent, or at the very least offering torrenting services through TRON’s Main Net, would be an immediate way for the currency to attract volume and network interest. It also signals to investors uses for TRX outside of the standard transactionary model (i.e. fulfilling real world use), which has been lacking among the majority of currencies across the industry.

The marketing push alone on a potential merger between BitTorrent and Main Net is worth the cost of implementing such a proposal. It seems that Justin Sun is in a rare position where he can dictate the success of his future project in TRON, or pivot to a new venture through torrenting clients. Given the overlap in userbase and decentralized ethos, torrenting and cryptocurrency are a well unified match that has potential to boost the profitability of both companies. BitTorrent, or torrenting in general on TRON, draws attention and gives users a legitimate reason to purchase TRX, as opposed to the senseless price speculation strangling the market. The possibility of a new outlet, or the novelty that could come from merging with cryptocurrency, is enough to revitalize interest in torrenting, particularly as more users seek safe-haven from murky government regulation.

Either way, the potential partnership represents a tailwind for TRON and BitTorrent, in addition to increasing the scope and influence of Justin Sun in the digital space. The goal of TRON, from the beginning, has been to reshape the industry of online digital media. The process is going to take years to implement, and require a domino effect of adoption. TRON has already partnered with to pioneer blockchain gaming on Main Net. BitTorrent could be the next logical step to include torrenting on the platform.


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