Gu JianLiang Role In Vechain (VEN) Next Phase Of Growth

The New Year is now known to bring stability and regulation within the digital currency industry. VeChain (VEN) has therefore strategically positioned itself to have its ground in these regulations while partnering with the giants in the blockchain industry to ensure that their solutions are within the current and future regulations. The first month of the year turned out to be a difficult month for the digital currency markets. Some of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin had a drop in their trading value of close to 30%. However, during the crypto wipe out, there were few currencies that managed to put on a good show. Digital currencies such as VeChain and NEO dominated the gainer’s list.

VeChain (VEN) always aims at opening blockchain networks that revolutionized the use of internet of things; therefore having associations with firms from China is the right path for them to implement their blockchain networks. The coin, however did not garner much as expected from the partnerships as it traded under the $1 mark in December last year and a low of $0.20 in the month of November last year. The coin has come up with new ideas such as giving their platform a new face that is from VeChain into VeChain Thor. The coin has now gained a lot of attention from state media in China and earned themselves a partnership with the National Tobacco Corporation in China as a way of developing and implementing solutions for blockchain.

Factors leading to VeChain coin growth

The blockchain has strategically positioned itself as the go-to platform when it comes to efficiency in the global supply chain. VeChain provides a platform that ends the issues surrounding counterfeit products. The key aspect of growth for the platform is integrating the technology used in the internet of things into their system. It has therefore hired Gu JianLiang as a chief technology officer who will lead the platform towards the next phase of growth. What makes Mr. Gu be a key role player in the growth of the platform is;

He has the ability to influencing VeChain adoption

The strength of any digital currency depends on the team behind it. Mr. Gu would certainly offer a great team as he has already worked as a technology director for several companies such as Alcatel. Through this influence, he would certainly push the platform towards adoption into supply chains of global companies.

He offers patents for the VeChain

In the short time he served for the platform, he has already offered secure patents. Once these patents are approved it will provide an excellent platform for boosting the value of the coin.

Integration of the system with IoT

Devices are getting smarter every day and coins that have a good experience in the use of this IoT technology are more likely to grow. Mr. Gu aims at doing this at VeChain, therefore giving the platform unprecedented control electronic markets in the world. The price will also push up to levels never reached before. The idea is possible as Mr. Gu has over 18 years of experience of working with hardware, therefore he certainly masters every aspect of integrating the platform into IoT devices.


The IoT integration makes VeChain (VEN) stand out in the digital currency space. After hiring Mr. Gu, it positioned the coin in a better place to compete while maintaining its trading value at reasonable levels. The platform supports global supply chain, therefore with the adoption of IoT would make the processes even more efficient.



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