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Braintrust Price Prediction 2022 - BTRST Forecast upto $2.40



2.06$ 0.47 %
0.00010712351287 BTC
Rank 121
Marketcap $251.8 M
24H VOLUME $2.3 M
Total SUPPLY 250 M

29 November 2022 : At the time of writing this Braintrust price predictions 2022, BTRST trade at $2.06 with a 24 hour USD volume of $2,301,873.00. The price of BTRST has decreased by -0.6% in the last 24 hours. Currently, Braintrust (BTRST) holds the rank 121 on TechNewsLeader Price Index with the market capitalization of $251,803,338.

In this article we will walk you through latest Braintrust (BTRST) price Prediction for 2022 and cover many queries raised by crypto investors like how high can Braintrust go in 2022?, Is Braintrust a profitable or good investment for short term or long term?, BTRST future price, what will Braintrust be worth in 2030?

Let’s proceed to the Braintrust Price Charts before moving to the BTRST prediction 2022.

Braintrust Price Chart

How much will Braintrust be worth in 10 years?  

YearBraintrust Price Prediction
2022 $2.20 to $2.40
2023 $3.28 to $3.78
2024 $4.77 to $5.68
2025 $6.86 to $8.28
2026 $9.90 to $12.00
2027 $14.34 to $17.50
2028 $20.07 to $24.46
2029 $28.32 to $34.74
2030 $39.97 to $49.04
2031 $56.98 to $68.50

Braintrust (BTRST) Price Prediction 2022

  • BTRST current price is $2.06.
  • Braintrust can go as high as $3.37 in 1 year
  • Braintrust will be worth $10.25 in 5 years.
  • BTRST will be worth $59.05 in 10 years.

Based on our research and historical data analysis, the price of 1 BTRST would reach as high as $2.40 USD by 2022. The expected Average price for Braintrust would be around $2.28 with a minimum price reaching $2.20.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
October 2022 1.96 2.15 2.21
November 2022 2.09 2.19 2.29
December 2022 2.20 2.28 2.40

BTRST Price Forecast October 2022
For October 2022, BTRST price predictions range from $1.96 low to $2.21 high, with $2.15 as the average trading price.

Braintrust to USD Price Prediction November 2022
As per the historical price data analysis, the price would end up as high as USD 2.29 and as low as USD 2.09 with an average price of USD 2.19 by November 2022.

BTRST Price Forecast December 2022
For December 2022, BTRST price predictions range from $2.20 low to $2.40 high, with $2.28 as the average trading price.

Braintrust Price Forecast 2022 FAQs

How high can Braintrust go 2022?

The Braintrust price is expected to reach a minimum value of $2.20 with maximum value of $2.40 at the end of 2022. While BTRST average pric will remain at $2.28

Is Braintrust a Good Investment?

Consider investing in Braintrust if you are considering digital currencies. A long-term investment in the currency may prove to be extremely beneficial. And it's projected to hit its all-time high in the next few years if everything goes well.

How Much Will Braintrust be Worth in 2025?

Many platforms and analysts think that the price of Braintrust will continue to grow in the next 5 years, surpassing the $10.25 mark by the end of 2025. Even though the price seems like a stretch, you never know. BTRST and other Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and can change direction at any time.

What will Braintrust be worth in 2030?

In the world of crypto and blockchain, miracles can happen, and there could be strong price hike in the short term too. Ten years is a long time to predict but as per historical price data and expert analysis, the price of Braintrust may boom to a Average: $41.43, Low: $39.97 and high: $49.04.

Bottom Line

This is the most up-to-date prediction we have for Braintrust. With a strong trend, it appears that BTRST will conclude the year on a high note. Those are only a few of the technical evaluations and observations produced by our platform's famous experts and analysts.

The previous price analysis is used to assess the given numbers, which are based on observational data. So before investing, do your homework.

To conclude, do as much research as possible. There may be lingering questions in your mind. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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