Investment App Circle Absorbs Zcash (ZEC) Into their System

Zcash Security And Privacy In Transactions Attract Investors

Zcash or ZEC is making waves as it hits the US$ 345.46 at time of writing. What seems to be a  stable flow suddenly spiked today giving it a 38.09℅ boost just the last 24 hours. Such events in the crypto universe are expected to produce different reactions from the crypto community with most of the ZEC patrons seeing it as a clear sign of a guaranteed winner.

For other relevant data, the traded volume of ZEC for the previous 24 hour period is approximately US$ 103.319 million while maintaining its market cap at around US$ 1.35 billion.

Although ZEC’s current price value is still far from its all-time high of US$ 952, many of ZEC’s supporters are looking forward to the coin’s bright future. It achieved it the all-time high first week of January this year of 2018, following Bitcoin’s massive US$15,000 price value mark which was hit late last year.

Zcash Expected To Outperform Its Outstanding Performance Last Year

Zcash exhibits great performance on the crypto charts with a recorded gain of 14.3℅ for the last week. Last month, it generated a 47℅ gain which is a great feat considering that most digital currencies went through a bearish trend sending prices down for some time; but not ZEC. 2017 proved ZEC as one of the top winners in the digital currency universe hitting a remarkable gain mark of 951℅.

Due to ZEC’s data charts which are more than just impressive, investors and traders from all over are very anxious as to how the succeeding events will turn out. With most sentiments on the positive side, one can’t help but think of what an investment yield of almost a thousand percent can deliver which ZEC achieved just last year.

Even those who were critics of ZEC agree that it is most probable that it will repeat history again. Such sentiments set the minds and eyes of investors on ZEC even more.

Investment App Circle Absorbs Zcash Into System

Circle, a new Investment Platform App has recently decided to add ZEC to its list of offerings. Announced just Monday of last week, the startup company’s interest in Zcash is expected to affect is market value on a positive note which would further attract more crypto-traders.

ZEC joins the ranks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin as one of the currencies available for trade and investment using the Circle app.

Abra’s Support For Zcash Reels In Positive Results

Anyone who knows a thing or two about digital currencies certainly know Abra. Safe to say, Abra is more than just a platform but somehow a foundation itself of the cryptocurrency world which we know of. Abra’s services are of extreme value and importance to most of its users. Abra plays a big role in finance interconnecting fiat to digital currencies and its end users of traders and investors. ZEC fans would be pleased to know that out of the digital currencies Abra supports which most probably went through meticulous scrutiny, ZEC is one of the chosen.

With Abra having a huge network around the world and well experienced in the crypto environment, we should expect that its decisions would have been supported by many pertinent data and very well thought of. Having considered ZEC unto its system, one can safely presume that the coin is in good standing and well worth to be considered as part of an investment or for trade.

Abra included ZEC to its system just last month, April. With Abra supporting ZEC, many speculate that not only will ZEC match its last year’s performance, but, the best is yet to come.

What Makes Zcash Attractive To Investors?

So was it that Zcash seems to have a good loyal following of investors and traders? Even experts and cryptocurrency analysts say ZEC has a big demand which continues to grow.

Well, a lot has to do with Zcash being a “privacy coin”. Traders and investors are interested in ZEC due to its privacy and security features. Fact is, ZEC is one of the most secure blockchain platforms the crypto universe has to offer. Transactions are so private they are literally untraceable. This is made possible by the coin’s zk-SNARKS protocol which sets users to transact in the most private environment possible in the crypto world.

Such technological advancement is not left unnoticed particularly by those who want to invest and trade in a secure blockchain platform.

With legitimate bodies expressing its trust on ZEC, many expect the coin’s price to favor an uptrend in the coming weeks and most likely the whole year of 2018 as well perhaps outperforming its previous year’s magnificent run. While it is a fact that prices fluctuate heavily in the cryptocurrency world and that there’ll be times when the bear will take control to push things down, many expect Zcash to breakthrough once again and send its prices through the roof this 2018.

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