Key Reasons Why Dash (DASH) Should be on Your Investment list in May 2018

Dash (DASH) – Arguably one of the dominant cryptocurrencies today, Dash is gaining more value and mainstream support with every passing day. Having entered the industry under the name Darkcoin, today it is a shining beam of light guiding other cryptocurrencies on how to deliver privacy and transactional speed to the cryptocurrency user. By applying up to 11 different mining algorithms known collectively as X11, Dash also ensures that its miners get a fair share of the altcoin. The strategy also boosts anonymity and privacy. These qualities have made the altcoin attractive to corporations with security in mind as well as the regular cryptocurrency investor. So much that Dash is currently valued at $472.19  Here is more on why it is a profitable investment and the cryptocurrency you should use.

Rocketpay takes Dash to South East Asia

The famous payments provider known as Rocketpay is currently helping businesses and individuals in South East Asia to learn about Dash and use it in their day to day transactions. The company is creating a Dash exchange which will process payments made in this cryptocurrency. In addition to that, they are developing a Dash Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

Rocketpay is also spreading awareness about Dash and its benefits as a cryptocurrency. The company is targeting Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. That’s because these countries have growing populations, wealth and are ready for changes in technology and consumerism.

According to the plan, Rocketpay users will store Dash in a user-friendly e-Wallet. It will also have highly advanced security technology to keep the users’ data and Dash coin safe.

Rocketpay has an affiliate programme which will be a platform for the marketing of Dash as a cryptocurrency of choice. The affiliates will encourage their merchants to adopt the altcoin. By joining the cryptocurrency, they will enjoy a chance to transact across borders like never before.

This move by Rocketpay puts a feather in the altcoin’s hat. After the announcement, the value of Dash increased a notch or two and inspired confidence among investors and traders. Dash is also promoting positive change in a fairly unlikely industry.

Dash empowers investigative journalists to resist censorship

One of the most well known investigative journalists is Ben Swann. He has a hard-hitting show known as Reality Check which poses questions everyone else is afraid of asking and delves deeper than anyone else will. Due to its controversial nature, Ben’s show was canceled from the line-up at CBS 4S Atlanta. Incensed, Ben sought private funding for his show. During this time, the show was off air for a whole year. After presenting a lengthy proposal to Dash treasury, his show was awarded 100% funding by the cryptocurrency.

The move showed that Dash supports freedom of expression in journalism. After the funding, Ben re-launched his show and talked at length about how cryptocurrencies can help journalists to overcome institutional censorship. He has expressed gratitude and said that Dash is a champion for journalists in segments such as RT News. He also expressed the sentiment at the Anarchapulco Conference in Acapulco, Mexico. Ben also spread the word at Conscious Resistance too.

Investors, enthusiasts and traders who have freedom of speech and journalistic activism at heart made major investments in Dash after Ben relaunched. This pushed the cryptocurrency’s value up sharply and cemented its position among the behemoths of the industry. Thanks to its activist activities, the cryptocurrency was added to yet another exchange. Here, it will develop better exposure and trade even more lucratively.

Dash is added to the exchange

One of the most loved exchanges by cryptocurrency traders is The exchange has a clean interface which is very easy to use. Furthermore, it allows the trade and purchase of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Best of all, the action happens instantly. Thus, has a legion of traders utilizing its platform, Dash has been added to the roster of altcoins trading there. As such, it is bound to stay active, relevant and most importantly profitable through 2018.

New exchanges good thing for the altcoin

Dash is well known for providing unparalleled privacy, security of transactions and efficient mining. Thanks to its qualities, the altcoin has attracted the attention of mainstream companies such as Rocketpay and been listed in new exchanges such as Furthermore, it is supporting worthy causes such as uncensored investigative journalism through Ben Swann. These activities show that Dash is here to stay. It is also bound to skyrocket in value through 2018. As such, you should get your hands on some Dash coin now!

Danna James

Danna is a journalist and technical writer with six years of experience researching and creating crypto articles, reviews, and how-to guides for different online media outlets, and academic journals.

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