TRON (TRX) And What It Seeks To Achieve

TRON (TRX) And What It Seeks To Achieve

Tron (TRX) is one among an emerging set of blockchain-based crypto projects whose disruptive infrastructure could be instrumental in defining the way we interact with the internet. What do I mean? Simply put, once implemented, it will change the way content is provided and shared over the internet.

Its main goal is to completely cut off the middleman when it comes to the public release and sharing of content like music, videos, and books on the net. The decentralization will remove the hefty fees giant firms like Amazon or YouTube charge for their services.

But wait. Why the negative perception about the Tron coin?

Every cryptocurrency project has had to face some kind of scrutiny. Tron (TRX) is no exception to that reality. The cryptocurrency market is probably the most scrutinized in the world as of now. Anything that does not add up about a cryptocurrency is likely to fuel a lot of FUD and rumors. In the case of Tron, one main issue comes out.

The project’s whitepaper confusion

A lot of the negativity about Tron in 2018 revolves around the nature of its whitepaper. There have been various accusations leveled against the project’s team, many believing that the document was plagiarized from a number of ICO projects. Justin Sun, Tron’s founder has sought to dispel those rumors, stating that the similarities could be as a result of poor translation from Chinese to English. Sun has promised supporters that that is far from the truth. In a message to supporters, Sun said that the team would avail a better translation of the original whitepaper.

The prices are low; it’s time to buy TRON (TRX)

The price of TRX is still low; a perfect time to put in some money and hold as the market embarks on a bull run while the TRX token gains value.

Controversy aside, Tron has the potential to deliver what it promises and therefore, give investors better ROI in the future.  The roadmap clearly lays down what the project aims at achieving, right from 2017 to 2027- a ten –year plan to deliver a decentralized internet experience.


Tron recently secured some partnerships with reputable companies, an indication that there is belief towards the viability of the project. By getting established companies to sign partnerships, Tron has convinced us that what it proposes to offer is viable and achievable. Getting into partnerships with regional brands like Peiwo, oBikes, Bitmain and UPLive are thumbs up markers for TRX.

Strong team

There’s one problem with cryptocurrency start-ups: great ideas fail to make it due to lack of a dedicated team behind it. In Tron’s case, the team is one reason the project is likely to succeed. Led by a charismatic, hands-on Justin Sun, the team consists of experienced developers and experts. You can check them out on the project’s official GitHub channel.  Justin Sun is perhaps the one driving Tron’s agenda in public, but behind the scenes are great blockchain experts.

A ready market

If there is any reason to be optimistic about Tron (TRX), then it is its roots in China. If it delivers as they have promised, adoption would not be a big issue as there is already a big user pool in China. With such a potential user base, the value of TRX is likely to appreciate quickly. Buying now and holding on till 2023 is my ideal scenario.  According to Trevor Gerszt, CoinIRA investments CEO, China is quickly becoming the biggest consumer of digital content and the country is likely to offer a ready market for Tron’s platform.


Investing in cryptocurrency is lucrative, but the risks involved are real. While Tronix promises to be a good investment opportunity, I’d urge anyone looking to invest in TRX to read the project’s whitepaper and understand the project before deciding to put money in it. Do not let FOMO mislead you.

Freddie Max

Freddie Max is a editor and contributor to TechNewsLeader, who curates in-depth news and analysis about the crypto and blockchain space. He primarily covers latest happenings of cryptocurrency price markets.

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